Our Brands

offering the best of Italian jewelry

Marco Bicego

Trissino, VI 2000 ca.

Based in the small town of Trissino in northern Italy Marco Bicego, their state of the art facility focuses on start to finish hand made fine jewelry pieces. You see exquisite craftsmanship in every piece and the highest quality of materials. For a modern and chic woman, with pieces that flow from day to night effortlessly.


Tamara Comolli

Munich, Germania 1992 ca.

Looking to redefine fine jewelry and leave behind the all too dressy, too uniform styles Tamara Comodi created a special niche for jewelry with a soul and meaning behind it. A casual, easy and versatile line that allows for lots of personal style and choices. Offering the highest quality manufacturing and choice gemstones to add color and passion to your life.


Leo Pizzo

Valenza, AL 1971 ca.

Making jewelry for over 45 years, Leo Pizzo is internationally appreciated  for the beauty and quality of their jewels. With a range from classic fine jewelry to Royal standard high jewelry, they never miss their mark on creating pieces of earth shattering beauty



Valenza, AL 1973 ca.

Crivelli produces jewellery in limited edition as well as unique pieces of extraordinary high quality. Known for exceptional creative design and combinations Crivelli revises the classical style in its own manifold multicoloured way.


Mario Buccellati

Milano, MI 1919 ca.

The pieces by Mario Buccellati, the original founder of the brand, are now considered one-of-a-kind. These vintage treasures are signed and valued as collectibles in today's market. The unique and trademark Buccellati craftmanship is recognizable all over the world.


De Simone Fratelli

Torre del Greco, NA 1855 ca.

With an incredible history in the jewelry business De Simone has become a leader in the coral and pearl fine jewelry world. Their exceptional quality and expertise, combined with creative and modern design bring a classical art to the forefront of high jewelry market.