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Valenza, AL 1973 ca.

Crivelli produces jewellery in limited edition as well as unique pieces of extraordinary high quality. Known for exceptional creative design and combinations Crivelli revises the classical style in its own manifold multicoloured way.


Mario Buccellati

Milano, MI 1919 ca.

The pieces by Mario Buccellati, the original founder of the brand, are now considered one-of-a-kind. These vintage treasures are signed and valued as collectibles in today's market. The unique and trademark Buccellati craftmanship is recognizable all over the world.


De Simone Fratelli

Torre del Greco, NA 1855 ca.

With an incredible history in the jewelry business De Simone has become a leader in the coral and pearl fine jewelry world. Their exceptional quality and expertise, combined with creative and modern design bring a classical art to the forefront of high jewelry market.

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